The gymnasium is located on level 10, and can only be accessed by a Security Swipe Card. Residents may allow one guest to use the gymnasium facilities, and guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times. All children under 16 using the gymnasium must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Lesley Maxwell has been appointed directors of Eureka gymnasium facility inductions.

Inductions to the gym are required for all residents to ensure safe use of the gymnasium equipment.

Residents can attend the free induction session which takes place every Monday at 7pm (excluding public holidays, please speak to Concierge regarding alternative date).

If this time does not suit, residents have the option of contacting Lesley direct to arrange an individual induction (Fee applies) at a suitable time.

Contact Lesley – 0419 822 882 or email

Change rooms

Male and Female change room and shower facilities are located on Level 10 next to the Saunas

Pool & Sauna

Pool Information

  • The pool is a 25 meter lap pool, located on level 10
  • The gym and pool area is a secure area and can only be accessed with a Security Swipe Card
  • Hours of operation for pool are between 4.30am and 11pm
  • A resident may allow two guests to use the pool facilities, the guests must be accompanied at all times by the resident.
  • All children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult whilst in the pool area
  • Security will patrol the gym and pool at around 10:30pm each night and advise residents the facilities will close at 11pm


The pool is accessed from the 10th floor by walking through the gymnasium and down the stairs. Wheelchair access is via a stair climber.

The pool area is for use by residents and no more than two guests per lot at any time. A resident must accompany guests at all times. An adult must supervise children under the age of 16 at all times.

Please refer to the Owners Corporation Rules
(Appendix I).

The pool and sauna are available between 4:30am to 11pm


Located on level 10 next to the pool are Male/Female and Female only saunas. The saunas are activated by two red buttons located on the right hand side of the wall before the sauna entrances. The sauna will automatically switch off after one hour of operation.

Change rooms

Male and Female change room and shower facilities are located on Level 10 next to the Saunas.


A very impressive 30 seat cinema is located on Level 10 which is available for the exclusive use of Eureka Tower residents. Bookings are essential for this popular venue; please contact Concierge on 9685 0188 or email

The cinema can be used for Free to Air TV, Foxtel programs (Basic package) and also has a DVD and a VHS player.

To maintain the cinema’s high standard of cleanliness Eureka Tower staff will conduct a pre booking inspection to identify any existing faults or damage. A post booking inspection will be conducted and anything above a normal clean that is required will  be billed to the resident.

Food and drink is permitted in the cinema but we do ask you take care and respect your surroundings so others may continue to enjoy this facility in its current condition. Please clean up any mess before leaving.

To ensure every resident has a fair opportunity to book the cinema, we have restricted use to four hour blocks at any one time. Bookings can only be made one month in advance and limited to one booking per resident in any one week (this is obviously to stop one person booking the entire week out for themselves!).

Major sporting events will be an “Open House”, i.e. the Rugby World Cup, Wimbledon Finals etc. will be available for all residents to view. Concierge has information on all future sporting events that will be screened.

You can also utilize the cinema for laptop PowerPoint presentations (your PC must have a “Male” connection).

Request a booking by emailing:
*Please note that the cinema may have been booked previous to your request.

Outdoor Terrace

The outdoor terrace is available for use whilst the pool area is open.  No booking is required to be made to utilize this area.