Garbage disposal

Household garbage
In the tower, the garbage chute is located in a ventilated room on each apartment level, opposite the O7 apartments.

An automatic garbage compactor is located in the garbage room in the basement. Operation and maintenance of the compactor is overseen by Building Management. Residents will not have access to the garbage compactor.

TO PREVENT DAMAGE OR BLOCKAGE TO RUBBISH CHUTE DO NOT place newspapers, umbrellas, bedding, glass bottles, cigarettes, cartons, coat hangers, brooms, mops, large plastic wrappings from furniture, white goods, any sharp objects, hot liquid or ashes, oil, unwrapped vacuum dust, syringes, paint and solvents, car parts, chemicals, corrosive and flammable items, soil, timber, bricks or other building materials, recyclables, etc down the chute.

Ensure waste placed down the chute is in SMALL, SEALED, STRONG PLASTIC BAGS. Glass, newspapers and all other recyclables are to be placed in the recycle bins on each apartment level, which will be collected by cleaning staff.  Broken glass (wrapped), crockery, sharp objects, cartons and large rubbish bags MUST be taken down to the basement PERSONALLY and placed inside the allocated garbage bins. For collection of syringes, phone the Council Hotline on 9658 9658.

Please ensure your household rubbish is in strong and properly sealed plastic bags prior to placing in the rubbish chute, preventing spillage and odours. It’s a long way down and the rubbish can break out of the garbage bags creating a mess and causing a health risk to those cleaning the chute or in the near vicinity of the rubbish chute at the time.

  • Do not leave rubbish in bags outside your apartment door, balconies, or the floor in the garbage area.
  • Cook Street residents’ garbage area is located in the basement car park; this area is located immediately next to the Cook Street Apartments basement door. Garbage is to be taken to the garbage area and placed into the 1100 litre green skip provided.

A recyclables collection area is located in either the goods lift lobby or the ventilated garbage chute room on each apartment level, off the entry corridor. The Chief Concierge will introduce you to this area during your induction. Recyclables will be collected regularly by cleaning staff.

All cardboard boxes and packaging must be broken down and neatly packed in the appropriate recycling areas. Removalists must return to collect empty boxes.

Items that will be collected for recycling are:

  • Paper magazines
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • All hard plastic containers
  • Glass bottles and Jars
  • Milk and Juice cartons

Cardboard boxes are to be flattened and personally taken down to the garbage room
Batteries, plastic bags, ceramics, light globes are not recyclable.
Do not place recyclables in plastic bags.

The waste management contractors DO NOT take contaminated recyclables.

Cook Street residents’ recycling area is located in the basement car park; this area is located immediately next to the Cook Street apartments basement door. Recyclables are to be taken to the recycling area and placed into the 1100ltr blue bins and 240ltr yellow top wheelie bins provided.

Removalist waste & large packaging
Your removalist company should dispose of waste and packaging generated during the moving in process. Charges will apply, at the discretion of Building Management, should this waste not be removed.

Waste and packaging generated upon delivery of new furniture and fittings should be taken to the basement, with the permission of the Resident Building Manager. Charges may apply for removal of this additional waste, at the discretion of Building Management,.

Hard waste
Stephanie, Loading Dock Supervisor will book hard rubbish collections when required and at his discretion.  Residents are required to advise Matt of hard rubbish and book the Goods Lift if required.  The resident is required to bring the items to the basement and place them in the allocated area where Eureka Tower takes possession of the items for disposal.

Hard rubbish includes:

  • household white goods and electrical appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, washing machines (doors must be removed) and televisions
  • hot-water services
  • broken furniture
  • mattresses

Please do not leave hard rubbish in any common areas, i.e. floor lobbies, basement, car park levels or ground floor entry lobbies or waste management area etc.

Goods Lift must be booked for removal and collection of hard waste. For goods lift bookings 9685 0116

Council does not collect recyclables, garden waste, car bodies and parts, building materials (such as stone, concrete, brick, soil, timber, roofing iron, steel and metal) and chemicals/hazardous waste as part of the hard waste collection service.

For more information, contact the City of Melbourne Hotline on 9658 9658

Cleanliness in public areas
The Owners Corporation employs a cleaning contractor to undertake the cleaning of the common areas. Residents are asked to accept responsibility for maintaining the facilities provided and minimising litter and damage to the walls and floors.