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Dear Resident,
Melbourne’s arts and culture festival RISING (01—12 June), is staging an audio-visual installation on the Birrarung (Yarra) River. As a local resident, we wanted to let you know that this event is taking place and that you may see and hear the work.
MONOCHORD is a new river-wide audio-visual installation by internationally recognised Melbourne artist, Robin Fox. Using cutting edge technologies laser beams point from Sandridge Bridge and Birrarung Marr, creating a nexus at either side of the iconic Princes Bridge. The work spans almost a kilometre in length and activates at set times for performances. The show happens approximately every 15 minutes and runs for five minutes. It features sweeping planes, mist and flickering synesthetic effect, synchronised with sound and music.
All are welcome to attend this free, family friendly event. MONOCHORD will be able to be viewed along the entirety of Northbank and Southbank between Sandridge Bridge and Birrarung Marr. The installation will occur nightly for the length of the festival: Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 12 June, 6.30PM—9.30PM.You can find more information about the project here:
The lasers will originate from Sandridge Bridge and Birrarung Marr. Designated listening areas with a live audio component will be installed at Birrarung Marr and along Evan Walker Bridge. Pontoon structures in place for the fountains will be on the river on the east and west side of both Princes Bridge pillars. Depending on wind speed and direction some water spray might reach Southbank and Northbank.
There will also be some testing of the laser beam on Monday 30 May from 10PM—11PM and the laser beam, fountains and speaker system on Tuesday 31 May between 5PM and 10PM. The equipment will be installed between Friday 27 May and Tuesday 31 May and removed after the last performance. During this time, you may see production crew, forklifts and equipment to install the work.
To facilitate the build there will be restricted access to Sandridge Bridge, Evan Walker Bridge and Princes Bridge from Friday 27 to Monday 30 May and again from Monday 13 to Tuesday 14 June. Road traffic will not be affected in these areas, but delays are expected for pedestrian traffic.
If you have any questions about RISING please contact
We’d love to see your experience with the work and the festival on social media: @risingmelb and @rising.me1bourne
We hope you enjoy the work.
Yours Sincerely,
Dominique Marconi


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Sky Blue Communications Pty Ltd has completed the SMS multistacker upgrade to the building Foxtel system at  

Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay & 8 Cook St, Southbank 3006

ALL EXISTING FOXTEL CUSTOMERS MUST CONTACT FOXTEL OR TELSTRA (if your Foxtel is via Telstra) to arrange a new IQ4 installation and swap out your existing Foxtel set top unit.

The existing building TDT services will no longer be available from 31st July 2021

Foxtel Customers (New & Existing):

Visit: and redeem using your code PREMIUMAPT


Ring: 1300 137 757 (Option 1, Press 1)

Foxtel from Telstra customers: Ring: 13 22 00


  • When talking to Foxtel or Telstra, Do not let them provide a Self Install Kit or send out an iQ4 by post,  this will mean a technician will not attend and you will have to install your iQ4 yourself.
  • Installation technicians have iQ4s on board.
  • The Foxtel building upgrade iQ4 offer for  Eureka Tower includes installation for Residential  Customers.

Once you have confirmed your Foxtel package and installation details with Foxtel or Telstra you can then contact:

Sky Blue Communications Pty Ltd, Eureka Tower’s preferred installation and service provider

Company  Email:


Phone:                     (03) 9704 9118 or 1300 759 258

Text:                          0473 474 558

Once you have provided your Foxtel account number, address and installation date, work can then be assigned to Sky Blue Communications Pty Ltd, who will track/arrange/bring forward and complete your iQ4 installation as required.

Required info:


Contact Number:

iQ4 Installation Date:

Foxtel Account number: (Optional) Account Name: (Optional)

Email Address: (Optional)

For more information please contact or Sky Blue Communications Pty Ltd on the details above.

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Dear Residents,

We have received a number of complaints regarding Telstra and Optus mobile phone drop outs in the building.  This is due to old mobile reception technology in the building.

Unfortunately there is not a lot building management can do.  However, as a Telstra or Optus customer there is something you can do.

If you are having mobile phone reception issues in the building, feel free to use the templates provided or draft your own letter to send to either Telstra or Optus.  Then send this to your respective provider.

To download the template for Telstra click here and send it to

To download the template for Optus click here and send it to

It would be great if we can improve the mobile phone infrastructure at Eureka Tower and with your assistance it may be possible.

Thank you.

Antoinette Hall
OC Pride, Director
0421 085 305

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Dawn Yoga is a resident initiative held weekly on Level 52 and is promoted by
Eureka Tower and its residents.

This yoga class allows like-minded residents in the building to come together and
enjoy a session of yoga on Level 52. This is an extremely peaceful venue where you
can watch the sun rise to the mindful movement and breath of yoga.

Caroline Giles, an experienced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, has been
teaching our class for over two years and her focus is on your flexibility and strength
whilst focusing your mind. This is a multi-level class suitable for beginners and
experienced alike.

Those attending, as well as building management, would like to see this event
continue, as it has been praised by residents as a great start to the morning and a
wonderful way to keep fit and learn to relax.

If you are new to the building and/or have had this on your ‘to do list’ for some time,please contact Caroline directly on 0407 542 169 or email

Yoga classes take place every Wednesday at 6:15 am

For security reasons, bookings are essential.

Yoga 2016Photo

Click here for the latest Yoga Flyer