Anything to do with the building and its maintenance, refurbishment or plant and equipment will be handled by Eureka Tower’s Operations Management area.  Operations takes care of the day to day running of Eureka including all plant and equipment, general maintenance of all common areas and essential services compliance, to ensure the risk to life and property in the event of an emergency is minimized.

Krystal Johnson is the Operations Manager for Eureka Tower and has good knowledge of the building including common plant and equipment.  Krystal can also provide advice and recommendations to residents who are experiencing issues inside their apartments or who wish to carry out some minor renovation work.

If you require any building related information, please call Krystal on 9685 0188 or via email:


Krystal-JohnsonKrystal Johnson

Operations Manager

7 Riverside Quay
Victoria 3006

T  03 9685 0188
F  03 9696 7559