Access Passes

There are two types of general access passes for Eureka Tower;

  • Swipe Type – Approximately the same size as a Credit Card – $65.00
  • FOB Type – Small oval shaped disk with key ring hole – $65.00

Once purchased, all access passes will have access to the following areas;

  • Main Entry on Riverside Quay
  • Lift Lobby
  • Level of Apartment
  • Level of Car Park
  • Car Park Entrance and Exit
  • You can request access into the “Dog Door” located on City Road if required.

Garage Remotes

Control (i-Key Pendant) for the entry and exit of the Eureka Tower car park.

If you wish to purchase a remote control for your vehicle/s please contact Concierge or just simply log on to our web site and download a copy of the ordering form.

The cost of the i-Key pendant is $80.00.

i-Key pendants provide a safe and simple way to control access to our car park.

All stolen, lost or damaged remote controls must be reported to Building Management as soon as possible.

To order either the Access Passes or a Garage Remote download the order form here or request online via the Customer Service portal