Eureka Tower can assist with all residential Dry Cleaning and laundry needs.

Resident’s will first need to complete an indemnity form before the process can commence. (insert form link here – will do once we have backdoor access)

We recommended the following companies who provide service’s to Eureka tower;


  • iBag is the intelligent new way to dry clean.
  • It’s simple, safe and convenient.
  • No more lost tickets, no more queuing to pay.
  • iBag pickup and deliver your personal iBag to the Concierge with no charge for pick up and drop off.

Phone: 1300 132 320

iBag collect dry cleaning on each business day from the Concierge desk, with items being returned two business days later (unless for some reason the garment requires special extra cleaning)

Eureka Concierge can provide new iBag customers with a startup pack which includes a coded bag to use for all items and a pricing schedule.

Laundry Spa

Laundry Spa is a full-service fabric care and cleaning business servicing both residential and commercial markets.

Phone: 03 9690 8269

Laundry Spa collects dry cleaning on each business day from the Concierge, with items returned the following business day. Items must be left with Concierge by 07:30am to make the morning pick up time. Items received after this time will be collected the following morning.

Dry Cleaning on the Run

DC on the run is currently the only supplier at Eureka Tower who offer a same day service. Residents can either call or text the number listed below, and as long as the item is left by 09:00am (and does not require extra special attention) the item will be returned by 4:00pm the same day (Monday to Friday only)

Phone: 0418 535 761

Click here to download our Dry Cleaning Indemnity Form