Eureka Tower is a unique building and requires much coordination and control when organising deliveries. It is important that all apartment deliveries are pre booked with Loading Dock Supervisor. If a delivery arrives which has not been booked in, the delivery will be directed to the Loading Dock Supervisor who will decide if the delivery can be accepted. All large deliveries must go through the loading dock entry located in Cook Street. Once a booking has been made, a Security guard will supervise the delivery.

All deliveries regardless of size must be delivered to the apartment level via the goods lift.

An Indemnity Form must be completed prior to any move taking place. The delivery driver and/or the resident must first provide a copy of a current Public Liability Insurance & then sign the Eureka Tower Indemnity form before the move can commence. In the instance of any refusal to sign the indemnity form or provide any form of insurance, unfortunately access will be denied. Once all paperwork has been completed, Security will direct the delivery to the goods lift and supervise the move. It is the Security officer’s responsibility to drive the lift at all times to the designated floors. Contractors are not permitted to drive lifts.

The loading dock will be supervised at all times whilst the shutter door is open.

To view the dimensions of the Goods Lift, Click here.