Eureka Tower’s Loading Dock is located in Cook St, next to the entrance to the Cook St Apartments and is the only Loading Dock for both residential and commercial deliveries to Eureka Tower. With over 580 apartments, several businesses to service, (Sky Deck and Level 89) and a demanding schedule of contractors, the Loading Dock and goods lift are in constant demand.

Inform your delivery company that all items to your apartment will be double handled. This is due to delivery items being placed in the hoist, taken to the basement, then moved to the good lift for final transportation directly to the specified apartment level.

By booking your move in advance with the Loading Dock, your delivery can be prioritised for the allocated time required. We understand that some delivery companies struggle to give accurate delivery times, however it is important that you attempt to narrow down the time to a two hour bracket. This will ensure minimal delay to your delivery.

Please call 9685 0116 to arrange book your move.