All apartment keys are coded for each individual apartment. The code is located on the Key and on the actual apartment door lock.

To order a new key you will need to complete the order form and include the code for your apartment.

The form will be checked and signed by Building Management before being faxed Omega Locksmith for processing.

Please note all tenants must attach a copy of a current lease agreement and have the form signed by the Real Estate Agent

Prices – $17.50 per key inc GST

Plus – $12.50 “for registered post”

Payment by Credit Card or you can request an invoice.

Apartment Keys cannot be copied.

Apartment Keys must be ordered through Omega Corporate Security

Eureka Apartment Key Form

Balcony Keys

Balcony Keys can be cut by any locksmith or can be purchased from the Owners Corporation.

Price – $7.50 each key inc GST

Mail Box Keys

Mail Box keys can be cut by some locksmiths by supplying the code number located on both the Key and / or the silver lock on the mail box. However we recommend you contact Omega Corporate Security for mailbox keys as some residents have reported mailbox keys from other Locksmiths did not work.