What are residents allowed to store on balconies?
Gas barbeque, outdoor furniture, plants (all must have drip trays to prevent excess water dripping below)

Note – There are height restrictions to objects being left on the balconies, all items are to be no more than balcony height.

What items are residents not allowed on balconies?
Clothes being dried, rubbish, bicycles (not to be transported in lifts, store in bike racks provided in basement)

What rules apply to balcony access?
Balcony sliding doors must be closed and locked at all times when the apartment is unoccupied. A red indicator light is located next to the apartment front door to alert the resident if any balcony doors have been left open when the apartment is to be left unoccupied.

What balcony dangers must residents be aware of?
Items left on balconies may be in danger of being blown off, even in mid-strength winds.  Lightweight items such as plastic outdoor chairs etc may be picked up and blown away, and may cause injuries or other damage. Please ensure all items are secured.