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Dear Residents,

We have received a number of complaints regarding Telstra and Optus mobile phone drop outs in the building.  This is due to old mobile reception technology in the building.

Unfortunately there is not a lot building management can do.  However, as a Telstra or Optus customer there is something you can do.

If you are having mobile phone reception issues in the building, feel free to use the templates provided or draft your own letter to send to either Telstra or Optus.  Then send this to your respective provider.

To download the template for Telstra click here and send it to

To download the template for Optus click here and send it to

It would be great if we can improve the mobile phone infrastructure at Eureka Tower and with your assistance it may be possible.

Thank you.

Antoinette Hall
OC Pride, Director
0421 085 305