Emergency buttonSection emergencies

Stuck in a lift – If you find yourself in an elevator which has either stopped suddenly, or not behaving correctly the first thing to do is not panic. Secondly check the screen in the elevator. If the following message is shown “This lift is needed for an emergency” it could be an indication of a fire alarm activation or high winds.

If the lift doors open – please exit the lift. If no message is shown on the screen, start by pressing the door open button. If the doors fail to open, press and hold the emergency call button for 5 seconds. The button is highlighted by a yellow ring in the lift (in the picture to the left it is highlighted with a red circle). This will automatically call a lift technician to assist. Please speak calmly to the operator and identify which lift you are in and if any people with you require assistance.

It is important to remember at all times that the lifts are perfectly safe. Whilst becoming trapped in a lift can occur on occasion, there is no danger to the occupants.